Nurses and Midwives of Australia - Codello is about you.

We get it. Whilst you make shift work look like clockwork, you need a bit more support to balance your career and personal lives. That's why we are developing Codello.

What we do

We’re keeping it simple so you can balance the unavoidable shift working nature of your career with the last minute unexpected.

Our app connects your work schedule with your colleagues who have the necessary skills to cover a shift you need to swap. We take the stress off you by finding the perfect match and then coordinate with your management for approval.

Where we’re going

Our vision is big and we started yesterday.

We not only want to bring to life a fully integrated shift swapping app that is made for health with health, but we are values driven to ensure we’re positively impacting the health ecosystem. We’re now working towards conducting our first product trials in Victorian hospitals in early 2019 and securing a collaborating University partner for our next stage of research.

The Codello Team

Lisa Stephenson
Lisa Stephenson

Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm from New Zealand and for the past 10 years I've worked in HR for hospitals. I'm motivated to improve workplace flexibility for nurses.

Paul Lockwood
Paul Lockwood

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm a born and bred Melbournian whose developed products within startups and corporates. I'm motivated to improve patient care outcomes.

Jaxon Hickey
Jaxon Hickey

Hi, I'm Jaxon. Originally from country WA, I've managed finances for small and big business.  I'm motivated to help hospitals achieve greater efficiencies.

How you can help

If you believe flexibility for nurses and midwives should be easier, show your support.

1. Connect and Share- spread the word that workplace flexibility is coming.

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2. Join the Movement- add your details to our mailing list below if you want to become some of our first product testers. Your feedback and support will mean the world of difference.
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